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TALLY 7.2.9 & ERP9
• Creation of company, ledger, groups & heads • Reading of Invoice
• Nature of Business • Types of Voucher difference b/w PAN & TIN No.
• Type of Invoice • Difference b/w Financial year & Assessment year
           SALES         PAYMENTS
(a) Making Invoice in Excel & Tally (a) Payments against Sundry Creditors.
(b) Type of Sales like Local, Central & Exports (b) Payment against company Expenses
(c) Types of Form on which we makes Central Sales (c) Payments against savings & investments
           PURCHASES         RECEIPTS
(a) Making Invoice in Excel & Tally (a) Receipts from Sundry Debtors
(b) Type of Purchases like Local, Central & Imports (b) Receipts from Incomes & capital
(c) Types of Form on which we make Central
Cash Deposit in Banks
Cash Withdrawal from Bank
With original Banks Statement of Various Clients First manually after that Tally Feature F-5
Journal Entry like Depreciation, Transferred Entry Expenses Payable Entries
      • Correction of Entries Sales with VAT & C.S.T & Purchases with VAT Input
• Correction of Entries of Payment & Receipt with Bank Reconciliation
• Summary of Sales & Purchases Quarter Wise
• Calculation of VAT & C.S.T. Monthly.
• Deposit of Vat & C.S.T.
• Make D-Vat Form like D Vat 30, 31 2A, 2B etc.
• D-Vat 51 (Deposit of C-Form)
• How to make 2A upload in Department Software
• How to make 2 B upload in Department Software
• How to check mismatching our 2A & 2B at department Site.
• How to rectify mismatched 2A & 2B at department site.
• How to issue Forms like C-Form, H-Form, and F-form Etc. & Download these Forms from
  Department Site.
• How to fill Central sales Form Detail on D-Vat Site
• Filing of online Return Local & Central
Difference between last year & current year Balance Sheet
• Adjustment of Expenses • Adjustment of Cash Book
• Adjustment of Gross Profit • Adjustment of Net Profit

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